• Explore the city’s evocative and rejuvenated port district
  • Discover rare vinyl at Xiamen’s best music shop
  • Taste your way through flights of craft-brewed beer

When Xiamen’s once-prosperous fishing and ship-building port of Shapowei fell into evocative decay, it became ripe for a revival by artists. Cue an influx of hipsters creating massive murals, outdoor sculptures, and skateboarding ramps, replacing the centuries-old tableau of fishing boats bobbing in the harbor. The district’s disused industrial buildings now form the backdrop to the Shapowei Art Zone, home to a mix of ambitious startups and creative ventures, from nail salons and barber shops to dance studios and food stalls. Music junkies shouldn’t miss Jukebox Records, tucked within the main arts building. Flip through the stacks of vintage vinyl that music guru and owner Little Wang stocks from around the globe. Celebrate your rare record finds with a cold craft brew: look for the neon sign glowing with the motto “We love beer, so we make our own,” marking the entrance to the FatFat Beer Horse Brewery. Founded in 2003 by two German designers, the former fish processing factory now offers 25 selections in a dozen distinct styles. Sip their delectably frothy lager and enjoy Western-inspired bar snacks at the second-floor bar.

Shapowei Art Zone is an easy walk from the Conrad: turn left on the main road until you reach an intersection with three signs all indicating Shapowei. Head towards the center sign just left of the police stand. The entrance to the arts complex is illuminated by a large black sign with white characters.

JUKEBOX RECORDS点唱机唱店: Inside Shapowei Art Zone, 60 Shapowei Lu, First Floor, Siming district; +86-1379-929-2513; open 2:30 p.m.–10 p.m.

FATFAT BEER HORSE BREWING COMPANY胖胖啤酒马: Inside Shapowei Art Zone, 60 Shapowei Lu, Simeng district; +1875.023.0350; still under construction, but owner confirmed it will be up soon); open 3 p.m.–1am Monday–Thursday; Noon–2 a.m. Friday–Sunday.